my dad has been a lot gentler since my grandma died and he’s been saying stuff like “i wasn’t put on this earth to be prejudiced” and “i don’t want to meet allah w/ a heart full of hate” and it’s making me feel like maybe one day i can tell him that i’m queer :/

i mean it’s really hard to say cuz it’s one thing for him to say that kind of stuff and it’s another thing for him to prove it w/ his actions. like if he can make up for the last 19 years of homophobia and all the damage he has done to me emotionally somehow then maybe i can entertain the thought of telling him but i just want to have this little bit of hope ???


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Queer Muslim Masterpost


This post pretty much came about because I was asked if I had resources for Muslims who were discovering or newly coming to terms with their sexuality. I didn’t, and the poor advice I had to offer was … poor. So, I pulled up a few of the blogs I followed that are targeted towards queer Muslims, and put together this little post for you!

Queer Muslim Blogs:

Queer Muslim 101:

A good thing to remember is to avoid the self-hatred phase, if you can. Focus on loving yourself, and realising that Allah made you just the way you are, and that you are loved. If this phase is unavoidable, here are some helpful sites:

If you are a student and would like to get Faisal Alam to speak at your uni, or to see if he is coming to your uni soon, click here.

If you would like to attend Faisal Alam’s 2013 Retreat for Queer Muslims and their partners, here is the facebook event, and here is more info. Register for the retreat here.

If you are from Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or India and want to share your experiences (anonymously), please click here.

If you can spare some funds, help navigatethestream, a queer Muslim, become an Imam to help the Muslim LGBT* community!

Lastly, here is a link if you are NOT a queer Muslim, but want to be a good ALLY! (And here is another on how NOT to be a saviour!)

Muslim-Queer-Friendly Blogs:

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Holy shit you’ve probably heard this before but you look like Sarah Paulson

ive actually been told that a few times on here!! i don’t see it but she is gr8 so it’s cool that people think that!

Chris Evans at the 2014 US Open tennis tournament in New York City (August 26, 2014)