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"Sometimes I don't feel very social and I just go to sleep" - Ezra Koenig
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You see, I had a dream one time. I had a dream, right? And we were playing a show and after the show I came back out after the encore part, I came out and everyone was gone… And I thought: “I don’t wanna do this anymore.” It was the worst feeling ever.



Incredible photos by Lisa Sorgini

im so gay tonight i wanna curl up in a ball and pretned im not so gay

thnk you for liking a post with the words “captuna america” in it

That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him.

A post-Winter Soldier rec list 


There’s been an incredible, overwhelming glut of really great Steve/Bucky stories in the wake of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Of the ones I’ve managed to read so far, here are a few of my favorites.

im rewatching captain america and now i rlly need some steve/bucky fic